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Podcast 13 – Marketing and Finding Your Voice

Pete Bauer and Dorothea Bauer talk about the various marketing research and strategies they plan to employ with the release of their first book.  They’ll also talk about the process of finding the correct voice for a novel and how that impacted the other work.

Running Time: 32:27

  • Writing Systems
  • 10 A.M.
  • Don’t Waste Inspiration
  • Approaching from Plot vs. Character
  • Production Schedule
  • Marketing Phases
  • Marketing Strategy
  • How are your Customers Interacting with your Product
  • – Problem Recognition
    • Marketers are Problem Solvers
    • Customers Search for Problem Filler
    • Customers will Research
    • Customers will Try out Product
    • Customers will do their own Evaluation
    • Creating a campaign for each of your Market Segments
  • Bridging those who have Aged Out
  • Marketing Validation, Awareness & Growth
  • Marketing Research & Testing
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Novel Approach
  • Character Introduction
  • Purgatory


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Podcast 12 – Teen Beta Readers and 145,000 Words

Author Pete Bauer and Dorothea Bauer discuss the impact of the novellas on the novels, causing for a rewrite of novels 1 and 2.  Plus the lessons learned from Teen Beta Readers.

Running Time: 41:59

  • Teen Beta Readers
  • Specific Expectations
  • 145,000 Words
  • A Professional Endeavor
  • Art Show
  • Facebook Art
  • Polite Critiques
  • Annoying Analysis
  • Aging Well
  • Novella Novels
  • Semi-Mysterious Mysteries
  • Lost & Found
  • Inspiring Stories
  • The Center of Attention
  • Communicating Art
  • Evolving Industry
  • It Clicks
  • Reading Consumption
  • Traditional Limitations
  • Author Earnings
  • Give and Take
  • Truthful Characters


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Pet Peeve

I hate wasting my time.

It’s a pet peeve.  Just ask my kids.  The two main lines they knew not to cross were:

  1. don’t disrespect my wife (their mother)
  2. don’t waste my time.

I’m not saying all of the time with my kids had to be focused and serious.  Of course not.  Spending an hour having imaginary tea with my daughter or spending countless hours with my son at the ball field is absolutely NOT wasting time.  It’s what time is for.

wastedtimeBut, fooling around when they’re helping with chores?  Wasting my time.  Making me run to Walmart at 12 AM because they realized they needed to write a paper that is due the next day and didn’t think to check if we had printer ink?  Wasting my time.

So, to find out the podcast we recorded last night had to be scrapped due to a microphone issue, well, to say I was happy about that would be an understatement.

Now we’ll have to re-record.  More wasted time.  Well, not totally wasted, as I think they have value and people seem to enjoy them.  But, you know what I mean.

Anyway, that’s my vent for today.  I feel better.

Time well spent. 🙂

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You Can Now Subscribe to Our Podcast on ITunes

If you enjoy our podcasts, you can now subscribe to them on ITunes.  That way you can listen to them any time, any place.


If you choose to listen via ITunes, please rate the podcast with your honest opinion.  It will help get the word out.

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Podcast 11 – Marketplace

Author Pete Bauer and marketing head Dorothea Bauer discuss the current marketplace within which our books will reside and the challenges of gaining traction as a new product.

Running Time: 32:29

  • Finishing
  • Senioritis
  • Marketplace
  • Guideposts Sweet 16
  • Faith Interaction
  • Asking Specific Questions of Beta Readers
  • Emotional Connections
  • Identifying with Characters
  • Harry Potter and Star Wars
  • Dream Jobs vs. Real Jobs
  • The Matt Maher Equation
  • Raising the Consequences
  • Noah Movie
  • Safety Harbor
  • Marketing with Little Money
  • Youth Conferences and Speaking
  • Youth Group Leaders
  • Finding Books in Your Genre
  • Where Does Your Book Fit in the Landscape?
  • Hugh Howey – “Redbook
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Podcast 10 – Hobby vs. Career

In this podcast author Pete Bauer and marketing head Dorothea Bauer talk about the different paths your writing career would take depending on if your approach it as a hobby versus a career.

Running Time: 32:21

  • Writing as a Hobby vs. Career
  • Three Mandatory Things
  • Consistency & Deadlines
  • Establishing Brand and Presence
  • 1500 Words a Day
  • 80/20 Rule
  • Burnout
  • Writers Block
  • Time of Day
  • Virtual Marketing
  • Facing the Giants
  • Street Teams & Preexisting Bias
  • Lack of Honest Debate
  • Intellectual Sloth
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Creative Potential Fulfillment


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Podcast 09 – Novellas & Strategies

On this podcast author Pete Bauer and Sonlight Press marketing head Dorothea Bauer continue to talk about their latest findings as they hone their release strategy.

Running Time: 42:36

  • Congratulations Lynette Noni
  • Strategy History Recap
  • More Novellas, If Necessary
  • Has Fiction Lost Its Faith
  • Cultural Christianity vs. Religious Belief
  • Les Miserables
  • Crosby, Bergman, Priests and Nuns
  • Individual Faith Struggles
  • Shifting Focus Mainstream
  • Core Group to Street Team
  • Honoring the Teen Voice
  • Authorpreneur
  • Google Analytics and Authors
  • You as a Brand
  • The Online Wave Hasn’t Crashed Yet
  • Superheros
  • Being a Part of Something Greater
  • Hope
  • Martyrs
  • Faith Spectacles

Lynette Noni
Paul Elie – Has Fiction Lost Its Faith
CJ Lyons

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Podcast 08 – Novellas & Criticism

On this podcast author Pete Bauer and Sonlight Press marketing guru Dorothea Bauer talk about our shifting marketing strategies that includes increasing the amount of novellas while delaying the release of the first novel.

Running Time: 39:11

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Original Plans
  • June 4th
  • Novellas and Novels
  • The Homecoming Incident
  • Theme and Mood
  • Novellas then Novels
  • 1 to 5 to 6 to 10
  • Writing the First Draft for You
  • Chapters & 1500 Words
  • Perma Free Or Perma Not
  • Young Adult Market
  • Faith Based Market
  • Honest Evaluation & Christian Entertainment
  • Hollywood/NY Standards
  • Christian Music to Christian Literature
  • Novellas First
  • Beta Readers in Waiting
  • Cross Pollination
  • Strategy vs. Tactic
  • Say It x 3
  • Konrath Quotes
  • Being Ready for Opportunities
  • Ignorance is not a Competitive Advantage
  • Why Did You Buy
  • Hunger Games vs Term Paper
  • Truth and Criticism
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Reviews & Marketing
  • Finding You
  • Unique and Unoriginal
  • Self-Publishing Community
  • Talk to Us

Author CJ Lyons
Author J.A. Konrath
Write. Publish. Repeat.
Self Publishing Podcast

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Podcast 07 – Finishing & Marketing

On this podcast author Pete Bauer and Dorothea Bauer discuss the steps required to finish a book and marketing strategies.

Running Time: 26:36

Some of the topics covered include:

  • 97.3
  • Beta Readers
  • Honest Feedback
  • Genre Clarification
  • Honoring Audience Intelligence
  • Don’t Betray your Audience’s Expectations
  • Give Them a Pie
  • 1 to 5
  • Acclaim vs. Sales
  • Knowing How to Market Your Story
  • Social Media
  • Analyzing Target Demographic
  • Turning Unknowns into Knowns
  • Awareness to Interest to Purchase
  • Editors
  • Prequels and Funnels
  • Helpers

Survey Monkey

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Novella 1 – First Draft Complete

Last night, after a long three days of writing over 10,000 words, I finished the first draft of the Gabby Wells novella called The Homecoming Incident.

I’ll let it sit a couple of days so my brain can recover.  There are a lot of things I need to add to the beginning in order to tie things at the end and make sure there is consistency in the story, but I’m quite happy with the results.

My goals was for the novella to come in around 25,000 words.  This draft came in at over 29,000.  It’ll probably be over 30,000 after the re-writes.

This is the first of five novellas that I hope to write and release prior to the release of the first novel.  I’ll have more on the reasons behind that in an upcoming podcast.

So, I’m going to sit back and give my fingers a rest.

PS – Because of all of the time required to finish this draft, I did not have time to write a Typecasting Tuesday.  I’ll have another one next week.

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