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Not ignoring the blog, just busy with 1001 things.  All good, but time sensitive.

I’ll have a lot of updates soon.  Promise 🙂

Typecasting Tuesday Will Return Next Week

Life.  Major events.  Flu. 

The old Royal will be back in action next week.

Man of Steel – Slave to the Story

The latest incarnation of the Superman franchise, Man of Steel, does many things well and some other things poorly. The overall experience, however, is satisfying.

There are **SPOILERS** in this post, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, take the necessary steps.


When facing the blank page, the story tellers (David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan) decided to tell the origin story of Superman by including a battle between two Kryptonians, Kal-El (Superman) and General Zod.

If you decide to take that route then a couple of things have to occur. The battle between two super-human beings must be epic. The scale must, therefore, be large. And the ferocity of the fight must be like something we have never seen before.

And Man of Steel does all of this very well.

The problem? The battle is so large, with bodies, cars and trucks destroying all of the buildings in sight that the collateral damage will invariably include hundreds, if not thousands, of casualties.

The effect? You lose a sense of concern for the inhabitants of Metropolis during the struggle. After watching entire buildings crumble and collapse, seeing a few people huddling behind cars for safety is almost laughable.

The story tellers also do their best to try to get us to identify with an alien that cannot get hurt by our standards. The end result is a mixed bag, where you have sympathy for Superman, but we can’t possibly feel empathy.

Another wasted moment was due to the misplaced revelation, or clarification, of Zod’s motives. Kryptonians are bred for a specific function in society. They are engineered. Kal-El is special because he was born the old fashioned way, which is illegal.

Why is this important?

Zod decides, in order to save his people, he is going to terraform Earth to make it the next Krypton. The down side? Humanity gets destroyed in the process.


At the end of the story, before Zods ultimate defeat, he tells Kal-El that he was made, genetically, to protect the people of Krypton and that he has no option but to do whatever it takes to do that. Including killing everyone on Earth.

That clarification, that revelation, came too late, in my opinion.

It would have been far more powerful if Zod would have told Kal-El that information when they first met. Because then the epic, explosive battle would not only have been massive, it would have been inevitable.

And that inevitability would have made Kal-El’s sacrifice, being forced to kill the last of his people, even that much more devastating.  He simply would have had no choice.

Finally, by choosing this uber-villain as Superman’s coming out party, I can’t help but wonder; how can any human villain ever come close to being a threat to Superman as was Zod and his army?

How do you top that? How will an average bank robbery, or kidnapping, or nuke, or terrorist event even blink on the radar of consequence when Superman already took out an army of super beings?

When you commit to a story line, there can be some unintended consequences. The creators of Man of Steel may have written themselves into a corner by choosing to tell this new origin story this way.

What do you think they’ll do to give Superman a legitimate challenge in the sequels?  Will it be more spectacle or more personal?

With two sequels already planned, it won’t be long before we find out.

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Fingerprints from God

I believe we are all born with God’s fingerprint on our souls.


What do I mean by this? I mean that, I believe God imbues every single one of us with a gift, a talent that is solely ours.

For some it is artistic, such as writing, painting or performing. For others, it is mathematic, such as accounting, geometry or chemistry. For others it is personal interaction, such as being a good listener, a caregiver or a nurturer. The list goes on and on, from athletics to cooking to mentoring to building.

Our genetic make-up, our childhood, our family, our faith and our location help shape these gifts. So, two people can have the same gift, yet express it in completely different ways.

As a parent, I believe our responsibility is two fold:

  • Recognize this gift in your children
  • Foster that gift in a way that they will use it to praise God.

By giving our gift back to God, by using it for his glory, we give it far more value than we would by focusing that gift on ourselves.

Think of all of the artists popular today. Most of them are exceptionally talented, born with a gift. Yet, how many of them use those talents for worldly gains and, in the process, offend God?

And yet, when the eventually leave this world, their gains will remain here and crumble, while their souls will live on forever. Where is up to God’s perfect justice.

I believe God’s fingerprint on my soul is storytelling. I’ve been drawn to it all my life. I have pursued it in film, television and novels. And I try to do it in a way that would make God proud. After all, if God is not smiling at our accomplishments, then how much are they really worth?

What do you believe is God’s fingerprint on your soul? And how do you use it today?

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