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Fingerprints from God

I believe we are all born with God’s fingerprint on our souls.


What do I mean by this? I mean that, I believe God imbues every single one of us with a gift, a talent that is solely ours.

For some it is artistic, such as writing, painting or performing. For others, it is mathematic, such as accounting, geometry or chemistry. For others it is personal interaction, such as being a good listener, a caregiver or a nurturer. The list goes on and on, from athletics to cooking to mentoring to building.

Our genetic make-up, our childhood, our family, our faith and our location help shape these gifts. So, two people can have the same gift, yet express it in completely different ways.

As a parent, I believe our responsibility is two fold:

  • Recognize this gift in your children
  • Foster that gift in a way that they will use it to praise God.

By giving our gift back to God, by using it for his glory, we give it far more value than we would by focusing that gift on ourselves.

Think of all of the artists popular today. Most of them are exceptionally talented, born with a gift. Yet, how many of them use those talents for worldly gains and, in the process, offend God?

And yet, when the eventually leave this world, their gains will remain here and crumble, while their souls will live on forever. Where is up to God’s perfect justice.

I believe God’s fingerprint on my soul is storytelling. I’ve been drawn to it all my life. I have pursued it in film, television and novels. And I try to do it in a way that would make God proud. After all, if God is not smiling at our accomplishments, then how much are they really worth?

What do you believe is God’s fingerprint on your soul? And how do you use it today?

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