A Personal Thanks

I would like to take a moment to thank my wife, Dea, for her unending support, not just in art, but in life.

I’ve had Crohns disease for over half my life and, sadly for her, our entire marriage.  This week I had to have yet another procedure and, as I lie in the hospital bed, Dea stood next to me, holding my hand.  As I looked at her, I thought back and tried to count how many times during our marriage she has stood over my hospital bed.  Four surgeries.  Countless other tests and procedures.  Weeks and weeks in hospitals as I struggled to recover.

One time, her sheer force of will and immense love brought me back from the edge. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for her.

So much of our marriage has been spent with me lying on a hospital bed with her standing next to me, supporting me and loving me.  I couldn’t have been blessed to marry a more supportive and caring woman than my wife.

She’s priceless.

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One thought on “A Personal Thanks

  1. Paul Bauer says:

    Agreed. She is a remarkable woman and an inspiration to me. I love you Dea.

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